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Welcome to Gameplan and to Ab Initio Games.  

Gameplan is our simulation of American Football. A game which you play by Internet, or via the post if you prefer, against other players throughout the world. You make all of your decisions at home, send them to us via a special website or by mail and once the games are run, we send you back all of the results and information you need.

In Gameplan you are an NFL coach. Every week you have to prepare to face an opponent within your league. You decide what plays and formations to use, when to call them and then watch the game unfold. The best teams during the regular season qualify for the playoffs. As in real-life youíve also got the college draft at the end of the season, giving you the chance to sign new players and replace your fading stars. You choose who to sign, based upon your roster's strengths and weaknesses and the way you want to build your team.

Gameplan is a coaching game. Whilst there is a roster-building element to the game your success and failure will depend upon your ability to choose the right plays to beat your opponent, exploiting his teamís weaknesses and making use of your teamís strengths. Youíll be using an expansive playbook of around twenty offensive formations, forty offensive playcalls (runs and passes) and twenty defensive playcalls.

Gameplan runs all year round - the game isn't a "fantasy game" based on the performances of real life players in the NFL - it's a simulation of how real life Football works - much more involved, and we think, much more fun. Turns are normally run every two weeks to give you plenty of time for planning and analysis.

Gameplan is only one of the North American Sports Games we can offer - we also have Baseball, Ice Hockey and Basketball as well as many others.

Click here for more detailed information about Gameplan and how to join the game.


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